Nikolay - Low Cut Warm Up Booties - Adult (M-75N) - Iris

Nikolay - Low Cut Warm Up Booties - Adult (M-75N) - Iris

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Warm-up booties

There’s no dance without proper warm-up and stretching. For the comfort of dancers, we developed warm-up boots: breathable, but cosy and warm, soft, but saving the form for a long time and with the faux leather outsole, as dancers need to walk between the classes and at backstage.

- Non- slip cushioned sole for optimum boot-to-floor contact and balance distribution.
- Elastic ribbons and adjustable straps around the heel provides warmth and comfort.
- Wearable over pointe shoes – «work on toes».

SHELL: Waterproof, 100% polyester
PADDING: 100% polyester
LINING: 100% polyester
SOLE: Anti-slip faux leather
SIZES: S, M, L, XL, 2XL,


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