Nikolay - Alice (0526N) - SS Shank - Pointe Shoes (GSO)

Nikolay - Alice (0526N) - SS Shank - Pointe Shoes (GSO)

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Trains the bridge of feet. Transitional style between the exam and novice for the first-year students

- lightweight 1/2 box due to special elastic paste and stiff yet flexible sole for sensitive and immature foot.
- Soft brushed cotton inside the shoe and lower heel height are designed for comfortable fit.
- Allows elements of pointe work at the barre.

Recommended after EXAM model for 3-6 months before going On Pointe.
LAST TYPE: 2007 (The last can be chosen on request)
SHAPE: Slightly tapered, soft box
VAMP: U-cut, Medium
SOLE: Machine-stitched
SIZES: 0,5 — 7,5
BOX: 1/2
With elastic side running or elastic drawstring